Our services

We work throughout Lithuania

Construction of buildings

Residential construction. Construction of industrial buildings. Construction of administrative buildings.

Construction work

Masonry work. Monolithic constructions. Plastering work. Finishing work.


Multifunctional renovation and other restoration works.


Determination of Construction Cost Estimating plan. Calculation of other estimates.

\ Our services

JSC “MIRGITA“, taking into account the current market changes and customer‘s needs, offers a large service package, which consists of three parts:

Design work

Preparation for the disposition of the land plot layout; Architecture of buildings, design work and technical design development...

General constructional works

Land and building site installation works; Constructional structures (reinforced concrete, concrete, metal, brick, wood) construction and installation, roofing, finishing works...

General contracting services

Representing the clients‘ interests, their meetings with contractors, architects and State institutions;
The quality, quantity and monitoring deadlines control performing, also contract work schedules concluding...